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We may live in a technology-driven world, but at Roberts & Roberts, LLP, we are driven by our clients' needs. So, we embrace technology to streamline our workflow, reduce costs, and to be more responsive and accessible to our clients--not just to have the latest whiz-bang gadget or to use what everyone else uses. That means you can use email, fax or voice mail to communicate with us when your schedule permits, but if you call during our regular hours you'll still be greeted by a real person.

We rely on Macintosh computers because of Apple's well-deserved reputation for making systems that are easy to use, and more secure and reliable than other platforms. What if you don't use Macintosh? No problem: we maintain an extensive library of translation software to communicate with you in just about any format you choose.

Our state-of-the-art system is fully networked behind a strong firewall, so our team can easily collaborate on your case and retrieve your information when necessary. Our backup routines run multiple times daily and backup media is regularly rotated offsite for additional data security. We make use of high-speed scanners to facilitate the ready storage, transmission, and backup of documents. Computerized legal research helps us find the answers our clients need more quickly. We have videoconferencing capability, and the technological expertise to establish online repositories for the secure exchange of client documents. We've even developed customized software solutions in-house that enable us to do things in the way we know best serves our clients--not just the way some software designer thought might work.

We also recently invested in a system which gives us computerized access to a virtual real estate title plant containing all the Bell County land records for the past thirty years. No longer do we have to waste precious man-hours sending someone to the courthouse to research title records, or wait for a title company to supply the information to us. With all the deeds, plats, restrictive covenants, and other land records just a few mouse clicks away, we can now generate our work product more quickly, more accurately, and at lower cost than ever before. More importantly, that means faster closings and fewer headaches for our clients.

When sensitive personal information and multi-million dollar transactions are on the line, you don't want your lawyer fighting viruses and spyware, searching for some misfiled dusty old records, or waiting for an IT consultant to show up to get things working again. Our practical emphasis on the optimal technology enables us to spend less time and money on training and troubleshooting, and more time producing quality work for our clients. At the end of the day, that's what really matters.

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